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A Portland Romance

 He was a caffeine customer.
She was a barista.


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Lemon Curd https://www.jaclynlouisephoto.com/blog/2013/2/lemon-curd  

This recipe came to me from MaryJane's Farm magazine about two years ago.  Our PageTurners Book Club was having an Evening Tea as we came together to discuss our book of the month, The Uncommon Reader- a delightful little read about the Queen.  I'm one of those mixed up bakers who can conquer the more challenging recipes before trying the simple ones.  When I first was in the kitchen scene, I tried Lemon Meringue Pie and Angel Food Cake before an Apple Pie.  Weirdo, I know.  Oddly enough, it worked for me.  So, as mixed up people do, I agreed to make Lemon Curd with no previous experience for that Evening Tea soiree.  

I knew how it was suppose to taste.  However.  The only lemon curd aficionado I know keeps her recipe sacredly secret.  And rightfully so- she could start a million dollar business off her lemon curd and scones.  That aside, I struck gold in the weeks preceding the Tea.  I had a stock pile of old MaryJane's Farm I had been perusing through that winter, and came across this brilliant recipe!


Now having tried several different recipes over the last two years, I remade this recipe for last week's Valentine Tea.  This recipe is one of the few that doesn't call for butter, so it is completely dairy free yet still creamy and wonderful.


MaryJane's Lemon Curd
Makes 1 Cup


5 Egg YOLKS 
1 Egg
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
Zest of 1/2 a Lemon

Double Boiler
Measuring Cup
8 oz Glass Container, Canning Jar
Fine Sieve

(If making two batches, make each batch individually.  
Also, with two batches save the Egg Whites to make an Angel Food cake while the Lemon Curd chills)


1.  Place egg yolks, egg, and sugar in the top half of a double boiler.  Whisk together, then stir in lemon juice.

2.  Cook over simmering water, whisking constantly, until very thick.  About 5-8 minutes.

3.  Strain curd through a fine seive into a glass container and cover with plastic wrap directly on the sureface of the curd to prevent a skin from forming.

4.  Refridgerate for several hours, until chilled.  Will last two weeks.

There you have it!

And as every MaryJanes Girl, I have a huge love for vintage aprons.  

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Valentines Tea https://www.jaclynlouisephoto.com/blog/2013/2/valentines-tea In my bouquet of kindred spirits, there are several dear friends l call Ladies.  After watching all three seasons of Downton Abby within two weeks, I was absolutely ready for time with one such kindred-spirit-Lady.

This Dear, MB, is always an encourager.  She makes sure I never feel alone while the family is about their jobs.  We have had many adventures together.  The beach.  Thrifting.  Crafting.  High Tea (you all really must try high tea at The Secret Garden in Sumner, Washington).  Etc.  Today, she hosted a Valentines Tea.  MB hand crafted her invitations.  She prepared five courses for the event.  She brewed the best selections of her teas.  The lace was out.  The china was set.  The candles were lit.  It.  Was.  Bliss.

Feeling wonderfully spoiled, I waddled my way home to share our love of all things tea with you.  


Course One.  Organic fruit with the first cup of tea.  With many cups to follow.


Course two.  Parsnip, carrot, and potato soup served in a tea cup.  More tea of course.  Mango sorbet to cleanse the palette- yum! 


Course three.  Chocolate covered strawberries.  Homemade lavender scones to go with my homemade lemon curd!  Someday soon, I will share my lemon curd recipe.  I promise.

Course four.  After sipping much tea, I was so relaxed I forgot I even owned a camera. - A rarity at anytime.  Course four were the beloved tea sandwiches.  Pimento spread with crush nuts.  Cucumber and herbed cream cheese.  And a dandy egg salad.

Course five.  Intermixed with the previous course to have savories and sweets together, cookies and treats from European countries.  Belgium chocolate- hello!

There you have it.  A wonderful tea party. Now to decide...which BBC series next?

Wishing you all a delightful Valentines- how ever you choose to spoil yourself.

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Little Lovelies https://www.jaclynlouisephoto.com/blog/2013/2/lovelies Love.  On all days.  Everyday.  In out of the ordinary ways.  With little lovelies.  With ostentatious gifts.  With chocolate.  With gentle smiles.  With loud proclamations.  Show True Love to someone.  Not only to your Dear, your Darling.  Challenge yourself to be bold.  To be sincere.  Do it.


I am excited to share a little lovely with you!  This Saturday afternoon, February 9, 2013, I am taking indoor studio portraits of couples in Elma!  No session fee.  No sitting fee.  All you pay for is your prints!  Contact me at Jaclyn_Louise@comcast.net to reserve a time slot.

Doing something a little different, because you all encourage me with so much love.  I so appreciate it!


Happy February!

A Dear Couple from Valentine Portraits, February 2012.


This song will be on repeat for most of this month as I edit photos.  An absolute favorite!  


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Tradition https://www.jaclynlouisephoto.com/blog/2013/1/tradition In Fiddler on the Roof, they sing, "The Papa, the Papa! Tradition. The Mama, the Mama! Tradition!"  In our family, we shout this beloved song whenever we use the word "tradition."  Unlike Tevye and Golde, our family does not have a milk cow, four daughters, or a matchmaker.  And, unlike, the community of Anatevka, we do not keep tradition because we are scared of change.  We keep traditions because they unite us despite our vast differences. 

There are four generations of us now; from Great Grands to Great Babies.  Our traditions tie our family together.  We keep our traditions because it gives us reason for family.  To go somewhere to be together.  To send a loving neener-neener.  To eat ridiculous amounts of foods.  To watch movies over and over and over (Juno, A Christmas Story, O Brother Where Art Thou).  We keep traditions, because, in the routine of living, it causes us to pause and cherish the memory and the moment.  We miss those Dear Ones who are gone.  We prepare for the arrival of new Little Ones.  We eat.  We laugh.  We eat more.  We cherish each other.  Mazel tov.


Our family has claimed many "cabin in the woods" places as our escape from the norm.  -Arcadia, Easton, EagleCrest, Mesa- We like our vacation time.  This past weekend, pieces of our huge family gathered in the Cascades for our traditional Martin Luther King Jr weekend adventure.  One Dear Uncle has us up to play in the snow at his cabin in Easton, Washington.  It's tradition.

As the family photo-journalist, I rode on the back of Dad's snowmobile to photograph hours of riding.  Dad could run chauffeur business in anything- river guiding, clam digging, best scenic views in the Pacific Northwest, etc..  He is so patient with my frequent stops for pictures.  Of course I set down the camera several times to race on the flats myself.  

Here is a tid bit of a ride with Dad and Cousin Melinda.  Just to leave you hanging as I work on the full photo blog of the weekend.  


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A Portland Romance https://www.jaclynlouisephoto.com/blog/2013/1/a-portland-romance Megan is one of my dear friends from college, who I absolutely adore. She is a gem and James is a true gentleman. Exactly a year ago today, James + Megan and Ben + I went out a double date for brunch at Pine State Biscuits, a Portland must.  As we dined we chatted about friends getting married and giggled about how far away that was for us.  Oh how little we know.   

Megan and James have a beautiful Pacific Northwest story.  She a Starbucks barista.  He a caffeine customer.  They went to Powell's Books on their first date.  He proposed at Multnomah Falls on her birthday.  And their song- Landon Pigg's Coffee Shop.  Heart melt, amirite?   


Our session in Downtown Portland was a photo heaven - vintage umbrellas, Starbucks, Elephants Deli, Portland Art Museum, and visiting Powell's of course.  I am so looking forward to their wedding on June 1, 2013!

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Local Artist https://www.jaclynlouisephoto.com/blog/2013/1/local-artist When people ask about my work these days, I don't go red in the face and forget I speak English.  Which, yes, was a serious problem just six months ago.  (When that would happen, Dear Mom would reach in her purse, hand the person my business card, while she graciously encouraging me to speak a language, any language other than eye blinking.)  Now days I can approach a business owner, explain who I am, and see if they are interested in selling my product.  Strangers ask me what I do, and I confidently respond "I'm a photographer."

"You won't know, if you don't ask" has been my motto for moving business forward.  "Asking" can be as painless as, "Hello, I am a photographer.  I am on a photo shoot right now, and am wondering if I may borrow the beautifully bound book you are reading for five minutes?" "Asking" can call upon as much bravery as phoning the director of an incoming hospital.  

It is incredibly painful to stretch myself to try something out of the norm.  I am learning, it is absolutely worth it...    


Result of phoning the hospital director : four of my pieces will be featured in the soon-to-open Pacific Summit Medical Center!  Ta-da!  For all you excited "Likers" and "Commenters" I thought you may enjoy a preview.


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Life Through The Lens https://www.jaclynlouisephoto.com/blog/2013/1/life-through-the-lens When I was in high school I tried journaling.  In college, I wrote prayers as a collective record of thoughts.  To go back through words I have written usually brings an odd pain.  To read of struggles I went through.  To read dreams I once had.  I am a melancholy sort, in that way.  Words.  Words, words, words.  Words mark exact feelings.

No.  I am one to remember the overall positivity of a moment.  No matter how dismal it truly was at the time.  Through a lens, I choose to see the world as I will it to be.  It may the be way things truly are with a twinge of lighthearted humor.  Beautiful things sharp in contrast with the situation.  Little things of everyday living.  

A photo of my friend who came to visit me in the hospital.  
A photo of flowers received.  
A photo of the sunset over Seattle.  
A photo of the food sent up from the cafeteria.  
A photo of the board game we played for hours as I lay in bed.  

Photography is my therapy.  Photography heals wounds.  Photography allows me to translate my exact feelings into an expression of how I choose to see life.  I have not chosen to be a historian, taking down the facts.  Nor am I the person who will say to you "look on the bright side."  

I will show you the bright side.  

That's how I share my story.  That's how I can share yours.


"Everyday Living"
July 2012

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